Open Letter is a literary press that publishes ten books annually—mostly novels, but also collections of short stories, poetry, and literary essays. We only publish books in translation and do not publish children's or young adult literature, plays, self-help books, or how-to guides, etc.

Our editors are looking for contemporary literary fiction from around the world that is unique, distinctive, and that will have a significant impact on world literary conversation. It is strongly recommended that persons who intend to submit a query should familiarize themselves with Open Letter's publications before submitting. Translators and authors wishing to submit a query should include:

  • a one-page cover letter containing relevant autobiographical information about the author and the translator and a short description of the manuscript
  • a sample translation of approximately 20 pages (more is appreciated)
  • a list of the author's published works, if available
Because of the volume of submissions, we simply cannot respond to phone, fax, or email inquiries about the status of queries or manuscripts. For updates on the status of your submission, please consult your Submittable account.
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